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The menopause negatively affects
74% of women in the workplace.

As a result, up to 46% of their career decisions are negatively influenced by the menopause.
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Worldwide, menopause causes productivity losses amounting to 150 billion euros every year.

Presenteeism, i.e. employees who are physically present but less focused, costs employers ten times more than personal absences.

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The cost of hiring a new female employee range from half to twice a year's salary.

A skilled worker shortage of 10%-30% won't improve in the near future. The largest growing group of employeesis women aged 40-60, who are in the menopausal age range.

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The cost of hiring a new employee is between half and twice the annual salary.

Depending on the sector, the shortage of skilled workers is estimated to be between 10%-30%. Unfortunately, the situation will not improve in the coming years. The largest growing group of employees are women between the ages of 40-60. Women who are in the menopause. If you are suffering from a shortage of skilled workers, you have a huge potential in women aged 40-60 that has been completely neglected to date.

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Supporting this group of women will sustainably increase the profitability of your company.

Effective support ensures that the fastest growing group of female employees remain productive and motivated during the menopause, reducing absenteeism and increasing profitability.

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With the right measures, you can increase your profitability and reduce the shortage of skilled workers.

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60 to 90-minute awareness-raising sessions for employees

Risk assessments

Management and HR training

Review and adaptation of working conditions, company policy and guidelines

Training of an internal menopause expert in your company (Menopause Champion)

Direct individual support via the "The Women Circle" platform

Many more, depending on your needs