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TWC #012: Exercise is important, but I don’t feel like it.

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Exercise is important, but I don’t feel like it.

Yes, I know I should exercise. But:

  • I’m too busy!
  • I’m too tired!
  • I don’t feel well right now!
Who hasn’t experienced this?

We know we should take 8,000-10,000 steps a day. A little strength training wouldn’t be bad either. And by the way, mobility is also on the programme.

Many people buy an expensive fitness subscription or make resolutions to do more sport.
Well, that doesn’t really work either. Gyms exist because most people don’t go after all.

But why does this simply not work?

In most cases, one of these reasons is responsible – or all three.

1. your resolution is formulated too vaguely

Phrases like «do more sport» are very vague. What does this mean? Doing 1 hour of sport on 7 days or 30 minutes on one day of the week?

2. you are setting yourself unrealistic goals.

Well, let’s assume that you have formulated your goals properly using the SMART method

  • S = specific (goals must be clearly defined)
  • M = measurable.
  • A = appropriate (appropriate for what is to be achieved)
  • R = realistic (it must be possible to achieve the goal)
  • T = time-bound (deadline must be achievable)
    But have you perhaps overshot the mark? If you’re a couch potato, you certainly won’t be going to the gym three times a week.

3. you want too much at once

Of course, a resolution rarely comes alone. If I’m going to exercise more, I might as well include strength and flexibility training. No wonder you won’t be able to keep this up for long.

So what could be the solution?

Exercise snacking – a form of exercise where it is enough to move in small units of just a few minutes throughout the day.

And the amazing thing is that these mini-sessions have a similar effect to an hour-long workout. Too good to be true? We’ll show you the best way to integrate your new «favourite snack» into your day.

What exactly is exercise snacking?
The key to staying fit lies quite simply in regular exercise. Get your heart pumping properly – walking, climbing stairs or cycling are all you need. Every unit of exercise, even at low intensity, counts and adds up, as our experts confirm. Whether you exercise for an hour, three times for 20 minutes or twelve times for five minutes at low intensity makes no difference.

But why is Exercise Snacking perfect for menopausal women? Here are the reasons:

  1. quick and efficient, Exercise Snacking offers bite-sized workouts that you can effortlessly fit into your daily routine.
  2. boosts your metabolism: Exercise Snacking keeps your metabolism going by encouraging your body to move more often.
  3. surprising and fun: Exercise snacking brings an exciting element of surprise and variety to your fitness routine.

Ok, so how do I do this?
We give you 4 suggestions on how you can implement Exercise Snacking.

1 «Running is king»
Every exercise session counts and adds up. Take the stairs instead of the lift, run on the escalator, walk instead of taking the bus or get off the tram one stop earlier. The main thing is to get moving! You’ll be amazed at how much you can do in one day.

2 «Dance for all you’re worth»
Turn up the music and let yourself be carried away by a spontaneous dance break! Music is an absolute mood lifter. You can also dance to a YouTube or TikTok dance tutorial. Reduce your stress and put a smile on your face.

3 «Desk acrobatics»
Small exercise sessions at your desk work wonders. Train your core with seated twists, tone your legs with squats or stretch and relieve tension with yoga poses.

4 «Mini-HIIT»
HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) is a very effective form of training. It is a modern training method in which short phases of exertion (e.g. push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.), usually lasting 20-60 seconds, alternate several times with short active recovery phases of around 10-30 seconds. You burn a lot of calories and muscle growth is stimulated by the high load.
Exercise snacking is much easier to integrate into everyday life than traditional training sessions. And no matter which exercise snacking you choose. Stay on the ball, because continuity is the key to success.
Get in touch if you need help.

Joëlle & Adrian

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