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TWC #021: How can you improve your partnership during the menopause – 5 tips to apply

Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter. This time we are focussing on an important topic that affects many couples in the second half of life: the menopause and its effects on the relationship.

The menopause is a life-changing phase in a woman’s life. It not only brings physical changes, but can also put the partnership to the test.

Many couples feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to deal with the challenges of the menopause.

This is where the 5 tips come in.

These tips are like tools that can help you master this phase together and deepen your relationship. They encourage open communication, empathy and the ability to find solutions together. Menopause is a journey you are taking together, and with the right tools, you can sail through the storms together and emerge stronger.

  1. communication is key
    Menopause can be a time of intense emotions and physical changes. Communication between you and your partner is key. Talk openly about your feelings and concerns. Use metaphors or analogies to make it easier to understand what you are experiencing. Like a ship on a stormy sea, clear communication is the compass that will guide you safely through the menopause.

To make communication easier, set a weekly appointment where you both give a «weather report». Firstly, the first person tells their experiences, feelings and what they want to get off their chest for 15 minutes without being interrupted by their partner. Then it’s the partner’s turn. At the end, you can take 1-2 things from it, define measures and implement them.

«A successful marriage requires that you are able to talk and listen about your thoughts, feelings and desires.»
Dr John Gottman

  1. show empathy
    Empathy is an invaluable asset at this time. Your partner may not be able to understand exactly what you’re going through, but try to step into their shoes and understand how menopause is affecting you. Remember that empathy is a bridge that creates understanding and fosters closeness, much like the band in an orchestra that connects the music.

«Empathy means empathising with the feelings of others without losing your own self.»
Dr Judith Orloff

  1. find common solutions
    The menopause can be a challenge for both partners. Finding solutions together can relieve the pressure. Imagine you are a team overcoming obstacles together. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, the solutions will fit better if you find them together.

«Problems can bring couples closer together if they are solved together.»
Dr William Doherty

  1. take time for yourselves and together
    Self-care is particularly important during the menopause. Make time for your personal needs and encourage your partner to do the same. Having time for yourself is like refuelling a car so that you can continue your journey together.

«Self-care is not a selfish act. It is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship.»
Esther Perel

  1. consider external help
    Sometimes it can be helpful to seek external support from a therapist or coach. This is not a weakness, but a courageous step to strengthen and improve your relationship.

«Couples therapy is about understanding yourself and your partner better and deepening your connection.»
Dr Harville Hendrix

Menopause can be a challenging phase, but it also offers the opportunity to deepen your relationship. Communication, empathy and finding solutions together are key components.

Don’t forget to give yourself and your partner time and consider external help if needed.

Try these tips and strengthen your partnership during the menopause. You are not alone – we are here to help you.

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We are here for you.

Joëlle & Adrian

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