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TWC #039: 7 reasons why menopause is not a priority in the workplace

7 reasons why menopause is not a priority in the workplace

Today we want to discuss the topic of menopause in the workplace. The LinkedIn post «7 reasons why menopause is not a priority in the workplace» has reached many people and sparked some discussion.

That’s why we want to take a look at this topic.

While some companies prioritise the wellbeing and support of their menopausal women, there are cases where menopause-related issues are not given the attention they deserve. In German-speaking countries in particular, we are not there yet.

We have identified 7 reasons why this is the case:

  1. lack of awareness
    Menopause is still a topic that is not talked about openly and many people, including management, are not fully aware of the impact it has on employees.
  2. stigmatisation and taboos
    Social stigmatisation and taboos surrounding the menopause can affect perceptions in the workplace. Some see it as a personal problem rather than a legitimate workplace issue.
  3. focus on immediate concerns
    Organisations often have many operational challenges and priorities. Menopause is not always seen as a pressing issue compared to other immediate business concerns.
  4. gender bias
    As the menopause only affects women, there is an unconscious gender bias that leads to its importance being underestimated or its impact on work performance not being recognised.
  5. fear of stereotyping
    Companies fear that addressing menopause will inadvertently lead to stereotypes or assumptions about the capabilities of menopausal employees.
  6. limited research
    The lack of comprehensive research and data on the financial and productive impact of menopause in the workplace contributes to companies not fully recognising the importance of menopause.
  7. generation gap
    Different generations within an organisation have different levels of understanding and empathy towards menopause, which can lead to different levels of support.

As awareness and discussion of the menopause becomes more normalised, companies are increasingly recognising the importance of addressing the menopause and supporting their employees.

➨ What is your opinion on this? What have you experienced in your company?

We would love to hear your experiences. You can share them with us here by email.

The Women Circle offers awareness-raising events for companies. You are welcome to contact us.

We hope that this information will help you to better understand the onset of menopause and take practical steps to deal with it.

If you need personal counselling or support on your journey through the menopause, contact The Women Circle here.

In our next edition, back on Saturday 9am, we’ll be covering more aspects of the menopause and women’s health. Stay informed and feel well during this special phase of your life.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please get in touch.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and see you soon in 2024.
Joëlle & Adrian

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